May 2014

electronics, improvisation, cardboard

All design exists as prototypes for a speculated future. As such it should be approached with a playful scepticism. Too often these propositions seem too complete, too resolved. What are the aesthetic possibilities of the prototype? They need not be rough or crude, but can communicate a deliberacy while maintaining ambiguity through materials and form.

Corrugations is a series of technological prototypes constructed from cardboard using digital fabrication techniques, each reforming and reframing the potential of a discarded mobile telephone. Each inviting the audience to engage in an imaginative improvisation and challenging our conception of the new.

The first in the series sphere transforms by counting the number of GPS satellites in sight. The mobile phone is optically coupled through the screen to the circuit, communicating the current satellite count in binary, where this is translated into the movement of the servo motor.

A full gallery of images is available via flickr.

Exhibited at Betagrams, the NewBridge Project, Newcastle (May 2014).