Barbican Forest

24th June 2015

There is a wood-block floor in the basement of the Barbican Centre in London that we estimate contains over 175,000 tiles, each unique and each beautiful. We speculate the tiles could be fitted together, like a gigantic jigsaw, to reconstruct the trees from which they came.

We shall photograph the floor, to process the images to extract the tiles and to judge the feasibility of automatically fitting them, resulting in a high-resolution archive of this significant architectural space. We will then make a subsequent proposal for a public interactive work exploring our speculation.

This project is supported by the Newcastle University Institute for Creative Arts Practice.

Our Ritual Machines at the Science Gallery Dublin HOME\SICK show.

All Things Electric

6th April 2015

David Chatting and John Benton with the Ototo

Curiosity Collective IN the Windows
Age UK, Carr Street, Ipswich
April 2015

Musical experiments with Adnams ale and the Ototo board using capacitive sensing to detect the level of the beer in the glass.

Arduino and Sunday Lunch

I led and devised the Arduino and Sunday Lunch workshop – it was a lot of fun! Hosted at the Atrium Studios, Ipswich with a delicious lunch at the Brewery Tap.

We covered all the Arduino basics and had some fun with servos and capacitive sensing. The code and exercises from the day are available here and the photos here.

Ten participants.

Smart City Lab

11th March 2013


For Close and Remote’s Smart City Lab I ran an Arduino workshop focused on the Internet of Things at Deptford Lounge. We covered the Arduino basics, RFID reading and using the WiFi shield. All the examples are available here.

Ten participants drawn mainly from Lewisham, and including artists; a poet; a marketing director and music entrepreneur; and a fraud examiner.

A common problem in image processing is to locate edges that form straight lines in an image. The Hough Transform is a well-known technique for achieving this. Here is my code for doing Hough Lines in Processing. To process a natural image you first need to extract the edges and then threshold the result.

My code is an adaptation of Olly Oechsle’s Java implementation.